These photographs and more are available as digital images on DVD data disc..
All digital images on the disc are high resolution images available for your unlimited personal use.
Commercial applications or use on the web is prohibited without written permission.

These images are provided as a service for Grand Canyon Expeditions Dory passengers and crew and are copyright Gilberg Design 2009. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited.

May 2009



These images are available as jpeg images on a DVD data disc.
(Images for your computer-- they won't play on your TV's DVD player.)
You will need a DVD rom drive on you computer to be able to view them.

The disc has over 400 high-resolution jpeg images, including those shown here. All images are 3872 x 2592 pixels, taken on the May, 2009 GCE dory trip.

The images are for private use only by purchase of this disc.
Use of this disc constitutes agreement to these terms.
All images remain copyright Gilberg Design.

You may personally use the images on this disc any way that you wish - make prints, cards, t-shirts or whatever. You may not sell them (or products bearing them), put them on the web, on any sites such as Flicker and Facebook, or represent them as your own. Commercial and web use is available by written agreement only.
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