Grand Canyon Images

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Grand Canyon Trip Photographs:
May/June 2016 GCE Dory Trip
April / May 2016 GCE Dory Trip

May 2015 GCE Dory Trip
July 2015 GCE Dory Trip
September 2015 GCE Dory Trip
September 2013 GCE Dory Trip
May 2013 GCE Dory Trip
September 2012 GCE Dory Trip
May 2012 GCE Dory Trip
September 2011 GCE Dory Trip
July 2011 GCE Dory Trip
May 2011 GCE Dory Trip
April 2011 GCE Dory Trip (Evergreen)
September 2010 GCE Dory Trip
July 2010 GCE Dory Trip
June 2010 GCE Dory Trip
May 2010 GCE Dory Trip
April 2010 Evergreen Dory Trip

September 2009 GCE Dory Trip
August 2009 GCE 8-Day Motor Trip
July 2009 GCE Dory Trip
June 2009 GCE Dory Trip
May 2009 GCE Dory Trip
April 2009 GCE Dory Trip

September 2008GCE Dory Trip
June 2008 GCE Dory Trip
April 2008 GCE Dory Trip

September 2007 GCE Dory Trip
May 2007 GCE Dory Trip

September 2006 GCE Dory Trip
July 2006 GCE Dory Trip
June 2006 GCE Dory Trip
May 2006 GCE Dory Trip 

September 2005 GCE Dory Trip

Other Grand Canyon Links

Grand Canyon River Guides
A grassroots orginization of guides and other who are passionate about The Grand Canyon. Their causes include protecting The Grand Canyon, setting the highest standards for the river profession, celebrating the unique spirit of the river community and providing the best possible river experience.
They also publish the Boatman’s Quarterly Review, which is one of the best river publications in existence. Great articles about the canyon; it's history, boatmen and women, and coming events. Check out the archives! Become a member!

The Whale Foundation
The Whale Foundation works to promote and celebrate the well-being of the Grand Canyon river guiding community.
They have a very good river calendar every year. Excellent pictures, including occasionally mine.

Grand Canyon Youth
Providing experiential education along the rivers and in the canyons of the Colorado Plateau in an effort to promote environmental awareness, community involvement, personal growth, and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds.

Grand Canyon River Runners Association
A group working to preserve public access to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park for those who rely on the National Park Service's professional river concessioners. (A passenger-oriented organization)

Grand Canyon River Outfitters Organization
Outfitter information, river management information, and lots of additional links.

Grand Canyon National Park
National Park website